Seulie Park
Seulie Park is a graphic designer & illustrator

package design

package design

Often times, I find products that I absolutely love and swear by.
However, sometimes the designs aren’t very attractive or are very outdated and I wonder how
would they look if I redesigned them to my taste? This project answers just that. 


The Process

I first started off by picking the colors already used on the original packaging. I wanted to redesign the can, but not stray too far from what most people are used to. Using those colors, I drew a few thumbnails of what I envisioned the final packaging to look like. The major elements to keep were the name of the drink, the peach image, and the tagline in yellow.



I decided to change the old serif typeface into a more modern sans-serif typeface; Black Hans Sans which I feel represents the punchy fruity taste of this drink.

For the tagline, I chose a similar whimsical typeface, though one that is more rounded and easier to read.


Final Design

Using all of the elements from above, here is the packaging design I came up with. It’s modern and simple, yet whimsical and colorful for that perfect summery drink.